The My MISSION Support Program is your resource for access and reimbursement support for your patients

  • My MISSION Support's Field Access Managers (FAMs) can provide assistance to support access to MONJUVI (tafasitamab‑cxix)
  • Program Specialists can help research patient-specific benefits and answer any questions related to coding and coverage for MONJUVI

In the event of a claim denial, My MISSION Support can research the denial reason and assist you in your preparation of your appeal submission.

When an appeal is submitted, My MISSION Support Program Specialists can follow up with the insurer until a coverage determination is made.

My MISSION Support offers a wide variety of tools to support appropriate billing and coding and product access.

Billing & Coding Guide / Sample Claim Forms

MONJUVI has a unique J-Code, J9349: Injection, tafasitamab-cxix, 2mg. For more information on coverage and coding, access the MONJUVI Billing & Coding Guide, which includes a list of appropriate codes as well as sample 1450 and 1500 claims forms.

Medical Exceptions Guide / Sample Appeal Letters

The MONJUVI Medical Exceptions & Patient Services Guide contains information to help you navigate getting your patients the treatment they have been prescribed.

The following sample Appeal Letters are included to help support your development of payer-specific communications in the event of medical policy restrictions, prior authorizations, and/or denials.

  1. Sample Letter of Medical Necessity (32 KB)
  2. Sample Medical Exception Request (33 KB)
  3. Sample Prior Authorization and Claim Denial (38 KB)

Product Information Guide

MONJUVI is available through a select network of Specialty Distributors and Specialty Pharmacies. For additional details and information relevant to ordering MONJUVI, please see the MONJUVI Product Information Guide.

Download the MONJUVI Product Information Guide (2.3 MB).

My MISSION Support Program Brochure

Explore a comprehensive My MISSION Support Program Brochure (171 KB) describing the services offered by My MISSION Support and how to access them.